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Woolworths and RE: Jeans get intimate   by Murray Walker


There are a few things, you'll find, that are synonymous with rock 'n roll. Bravado, sex, music and lastly, fashion. Throughout the decades since rock 'n roll was born bands have be at the very pinnacle of fashion. Often informing trends rather than merely following them.

It's no wonder then that Woolworths decided to get involved in a local rock 'n roll discourse to launch their new RE: winter fashion range. In particular their skinny jean.

Over the next few weeks Woolworths and RE: will present a series of discussions with three local acts; Van Coke Kartel, Gazelle, Ashtray Electric. They will be intimate, one-on-one encounters in a variety of settings with the aim of creating a connection between the fans and band through the telling of stories.

Fans can get the untold stories behind songs and experiences the bands have had over the years.

Join Woolworths and RE: Jeans on What's On as we bring you these intimate encounters over the next few weeks.

UPDATE: Ashtray Electric's RE: Conversation is now available. Click here to watch.

UPDATE: Gazelle's RE: Conversation is now available. Click here to watch.

What's On Editor, writer, photographer, wannabe rock star.

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Montecasino Theatre & Studio
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