Fire Through the Window Interview  

by Murray Walker

Durban's Fire Through the Window have just launched their new EP 'Live Long'. It's the first of two EP's they intend on releasing this year.

Their fun, indie rock energy has been toned down on 'Live Long' but there is no denying that this is a FTTW record. They've spent time on crafting the music as they only had 6 tracks to concentrate on. What's On spoke to Marc De La Querra and Sinead Dennis over Skype about disposable music, EP's vs LP's and Durban's struggling music scene.

Two EP's in the same year? Why not an album?
Marc: For an album you usually get 3 singles or so, the songs that people really enjoy so we thought we'd try get three singles on each EP. We also wanted to have more new songs coming into our repetoire because, well, it can get boring playing the same songs over and over.
Sinead: The EP's won't come out as hard copies, they'll be available for digital download. Maybe we can put the two together for a hard copy album but we'll see, there's no plan for that now.
Is there going to be a common theme running through the two albums? Live Long - Posper.
Marc: We're still writing the EP due out later in the year and we're listening to different music now compared to when we wrote 'Live Long' so they probably sound a bit different. It's probably going to have a surfer vibe to it which should be interesting. We thought we should go for longevity with 'Live Long' and make 'Prosper' super poppy, but now I'm not sure.
There seems a trend toward more regular output by bands and a move away from the traditional album.
Marc: Music has become a disposable industry, singles are where it's at now so all the effort of recording a full length is looking less apppealing. 
Sinead: We've always tried different approaches with our album releases. Our last album we gave away for free if you bought a t-shirt. This one is solely digital. The double EP release is not a new approach but it's good to keep things fresh, it spreads to other aspects too.
Marc: 'Live Long' was written mostly over email with our bandmates living in other cities.
What was it like working with Louis Minnaar?
Sinead: He's really organised, shooting this video was completely painless. It was a great opportunity to work with him. He did everything himself and had the whole video, from concept to animation done in a month. He's a jack of all trades. Most videos we've done ourselves which cuts costs but is extremely time consuming, this time it was a pleasure.
What's happening to the Durban scene? Live music venues are just closing down.
Marc: Durban has been tough. It's cliquey and small. You end up playing to your friends and other bands friends and it can be tough to win over their audiences. There is also a huge danger in over-playing in Durban, crowds can be fickle and they'll get over you really quickly if you play too often.
Sinead: Cities like Jo'burg and Cape Town have spaces for bands and venues to promote their gigs and we don't have that in Durbs. You can't put posters up anywhere. A Durban agency did that reverse-gravity technique to a wall in the city, it looked amazing but they got into such trouble for it. We can get fined for putting posters up and this doesn't happen in the other cities. There is alot working against the live music industry here.
Your drummer left recently?
We don't currently have a drummer. We use session drummers in our live shows. For the video we got Gavin from Wrestlerish to jam the drums/planet.

Fire Through the Window have recently launched 'Live Long' and have been touring the new EP.

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