20Th Century Countdown

Cape Town   Wed 8 March - Sun 16 April  Barnyard Theatre | Cape Town
20Th Century Countdown
Get ready for the greatest music mix tape playlist of music from the 20th Century.

From the early days of rock and roll up until the end of the 1990’s, the mix tape cassette was the way we mostly listened to music. We recorded this music from radio and vinyl onto cassette recorders, and these recordings became the mix tape playlists of our lives. 20th Century Countdown features every kind of music from Boy Bands, Divas, Reggae to Rock and Roll Legends. Playlists include everything from Elvis Presley to Robbie Williams, Back Street Boys to Bob Marley and Dolly Parton to Prince. Do you remember those cassettes we recorded for our summer holidays? They featured everything from The Beach Boys, Blondie, Bryan Adams to Guns N’ Roses and were played on our Sony Walkman cassette players. Do you remember the tape you made for your matric dance or graduation, featuring a mishmash of songs from R. Kelly, Sting, Rod Stewart and Cher? What about the time you entered the dance- off competition between 80s and 90s dance tunes such as Safety Dance, Macarena, Just Can’t Get Enough - or when you partook in that air guitar competition, head-banging to Smoke on the Water, All Right Now, Barracuda and Whole Lotta Love?

The 20th Century Countdown has a playlist that features a wide variety of artists; making this the ultimate mix tape celebration, made up of memories, good times and music that will never die.
Show times:
Tuesdays - Saturdays: 20:00
Sundays: 14:00

Cost: R110 - R150

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