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Othello: A Woman's Story (Performance)
27 June 18 - 01 July 18, The Drama Factory

Love, miscommunication, jealously and betrayal. If you are looking for these things in a play you've come to the right production. Othello is one of those plays where Shakespeare perfectly captures the human condition in a story that is still as relevant today as when it was first performed. Although the language seems foreign, the modern take on this classic drama is set in a world we all understand, but with one big twist. Everyone in the cast is female and all the characters are portrayed female. This gives the actresses the chance to explore characters which they never may have been able to portray and the chance to tell a well known story in a brand new way. You won't know what to expect unless you come watch. All and all this is not your usual Shakespeare experience. Annitha Judith Kontyo / Regina R. Malan / Candice Burgess / Leku Dube-Rudling / Liane Peters / Nathasha Futeran / Marine George / Tara Dominique Macpherson Directors: Adolph J. De Beer and Regina R. Malan 135mins Drama PG 16 Show times: Wednesday - Saturday: 19:30 Sunday: 13:00

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