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The Bats! (Performance)
06 June 18 - 08 June 18, Die Boer

If you've ever been lucky enough to see one of the bats' fabulous shows you'll know that Eddie Eckstein, Paul Ditchfield, Pete Clifford and Derek Gordon enjoy entertaining their audiences as much as the audience enjoys watching them. These four wonderful musicians will take you on a nostalgic and hilarious journey that spans the '40 something' years they've been in the business. From their early hits of the sixties to their latest recordings, they will have you singing along and shouting for more. As a member of the audience quipped at one of their recent shows, 'These guys are even better than they were 30 years ago'. What makes this show different is that these guys are not trying to be The Bats in the sixties, they are in their sixties being The Bats. With their busy solo careers, this 'comeback' has brought with it a fresh and 'now' sound that just shows what great musicians they are. The show is full of their latest songs as well as taking the Mickey out of everything and everyone. Ja ....... we can laugh at ourselves, and you will if you treat yourselves to a wonderful evening with Eddie, Paul, Pete and Derek and their unique blend of music and comedy. An unforgettable evening with those unforgettable guys. 'Nuff Said' From 20:30 - 22:00

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