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Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune (Performance)
26 June 18 - 07 July 18, Alexander Bar

Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune by Terence McNally. The play is set in Frankie's cramped Hell's Kitchen apartment, here Frankie and Johnny have repaired after a satisfactory first date. But after satisfying their mutual desires, they're soon saddled with violently diverging ones. Frankie is ready to withdraw back into her comfortable cocoon of emotional reticence; she wants him out, five minutes ago. Johnny is ready to sing an aria, to dance an endless pas de deux, to buy a tract house. He certainly isn't ready to go home. 'Terence McNally has a hit in Frankie & Johnny. A romantic two-hander with character and an abundance of laughs ' -Variety 'A very sweet, extraordinarily funny, romantic and ribald comedy' -The New York Post Frankie and Johnny in the Claire du Lune by celebrated Terrence McNally who's celebrated wealth of work speak for themselves--A Man of No Importance, Kiss of the Spider Woman, The Full Monty. McNally has whipped up a play about a pair of prickly, middle-aged losers who fall in love in spite of themselves. Frankie and Johnny has everything you need --interesting characters, a strong story line, moments of soaring emotion. Though its dialogue can suggest the easy rhythms of a slick commercial comedy, there are haunted depths to carved from the universal fear that human connection may be an impossible dream. McNally is an insightful author reintroducing the nuanced, bracingly insightful ''Frankie and Johnny'' and ''Lips Together, Teeth Apart.''

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