Fingers And Toes, My Body Knows - Cradle of Creativity

Cape Town - Performance   Sat 27 May  Baxter Theatre Centre / Concert Hall
Fingers And Toes, My Body Knows - Cradle of Creativity
'Fingers and Toes, My Body Knows!' is a playful, mesmerising dance production for a very young an audience. The performance tells a story of touch, and rediscovering how intelligent our bodies are at perceiving the world around us.

By balancing both abstract and character-based performance styles, the work is absorbing and delightful for all ages, but is particularly relevant for little ones who see themselves and their own experiences mirrored by the performance language. “Fingers and Toes” was created in South Africa by multi-award winning choreographer-director Nicola Elliott.

Show times:
Saturday - 10:00 & 12:30

Cost: R50 - R75

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Yusrah Bardien
t +27 21 822 0070

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