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Mozart And Salieri (Dance)
17 February 18, Artscape Theatre Centre

Marc Goldberg, choreographer of the acclaimed work, The Vortex, has combined a classical story with a 21st century design to bring a sweeping and cinematic experience to modern ballet as it's never been seen before. Digitalizing his sets yet retaining the silhouettes of the 17th century, this world premiere promises to be a lot more than just beautiful dancing. The story follows the rumoured rivalry of Mozart and court composer Antonio Salieri. We witness dark undercurrents of jealousy and sabotage from Salieri, who's pious demeanour is challenged greatly on meeting Mozart. But the ballet is not just a story of political intrigue and envy. We follow the love story of Mozart and Constanze, their meeting, marriage and subsequent children, beautifully depicted within the palace gardens.

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