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Bheki Khoza Quartet - Sophiatown Jazz Encounters (Jazz)
29 June 18, Sophiatown The Mix

Our Jazz Encounters are a Series of jazz performances with world renowned and upcoming jazz musicians from across the world as Sophiatown, also known as Sof'town or Kofifi, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa was a legendary black cultural hub that was destroyed under apartheid but despite the violence and poverty, it was the epicentre of jazz and blues during the 1940s and 1950s. It produced some of South Africa's most famous musicians and artists. We at Sophiatown the Mix, are reviving the spirit of jazz through our monthly jazz encounters series, which gives our audiences the first-hand experience through our meet and greet opportunity that takes place after performances with their all times favourite jazz icons. Our audiences can also look out for in- conversations updates that we selectively host. A Q and A session with the artists, to let our audiences in on the performers lifestyles and interest in the industry. This time around we bring you Bhekisisa Khosa, the left handed virtuoso guitarist from KZN. Who among his many musical influences, Bheki credits the sounds of his childhood home and his grandmother. This month he presents music from his heritage and album compositions, featuring drums, piano, bass, and guitar, in the amazing acoustic that is Sophiatown the Mix. We provide glasses and ice and supervised parking. Audiences can bring their own drinks and snacks.

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