Future Park

Johannesburg   Sat 24 February - Tue 27 March  Silverstar Casino
Future Park
Interactive digital technology brings children's artwork to life at the international TeamLab's Future Park exhibition.

Fun activities will captivate their imagination as they draw, scan and watch their creations move across floor-to-ceiling digital screens.

Coloured-in fish swim in the sketch aquarium while at the sketch town coloured-in cars drive in a digital town. Large balls change colour and play music as they are touched and moved at the light-ball orchestra and the hopscotch literally explodes with colour with each jump. Plus, the table where little people live comes alive with interaction and a magical town appears as blocks are moved.

From 10:00 - 18:00

See ticket link for time slots.

Cost: R130 - R460

For more information...

Anastacia Holloway
t 065 880 7257
e futurepark@media24.com

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