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FNB Cape Town 12 ONERUN (Sport / Health / Fitness)
20 May 18, Woodbridge Island

Run your city. Slow walk it. Power walk it. Wys your city. Run it with the ladies. Do it in your stilettos. Slyza it. Sprint it. Do it in your tekkies. Dab it. Slay it. Do it with the team. Run it in your suits or shorts. Snap it. Tweet it. Insta it. Share it. Whatever you do… Run it your way! Checklist for a successful road race: one flat route that takes runners through a working harbour and into a quiet city centre for a scintillating, fast and furious finish; music, enthusiastic support and a later than usual start time for a road race. There's no cut off time and everyone from international superstars to wheelchair athletes can join in the fun. That's just a small sample of what you get to experience at the FNB Cape Town 12 ONERUN, the most passionate and welcoming road race on the South African running calendar. It celebrates everything Cape Town – the vibrant culture, the city, and the people. This fast, flat 12km event brings together runners from all walks of life to experience a run built for fun. The FNB Cape Town 12 ONERUN starts in Milnerton and follows the coastline past key landmarks, finishing at the FNB Portside building in the heart of Cape Town. Starts at 09:00

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