John Vlismas in Brain Dump

Johannesburg   Wed 11 July - Sun 12 August  Montecasino
John Vlismas in Brain Dump
Vlismas happily chews on the truth and spits it out as hilariously dark but happy anger, brutal honesty and vivid imagery.

His all new show, 'Brain Dump' promises to make you laugh loudly about the most lethal process - while thinking deeply about your position as an over-confident and decomposing ape on a rock, flying around a nuclear reactor for no real reason. Vlismas has researched the human brain for this show - and tries to answer some of the most burning questions ever asked - for example - 'if we're all great apes, why isn't sex with each other bestiality?'

'The show is about this dysfunctional processor between my ears - it's a ridiculous piece of equipment that shouldn't exist - but it does. We spend our whole lives trying to understand it, and then we die - that is not a result,' says a beaming Vlismas, 'we may as well test the boundaries and see what this bastard can do before we're all gumming our toast and smelling of moth balls and piss.'

See the show, you'll feel better. There's a happy ending.

Show times:
Wednesday - Friday: 20:00
Saturday: 16:00 & 20:00
Sunday: 15:00

Cost: R130 - R180

Please note: this event does not take place on the following days: 16 July, 17 July, 23 July, 24 July, 30 July, 31 July, 06 August, 07 August

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