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Intersections / Other Realities (Exhibition)
25 June 18, The BAT Centre

Exposing the stories hidden around us, bringing new meanings to old systems of knowledge, and exploring what happens when we let curiosity lead us. This is the thinking that kicks off ISEA 2018 Durban with our Monday programme at BAT Centre and Durban Art Gallery titled Other Realities. Global technological trends find practitioners and researchers caught up in the search for meaning, immersed in new technological and mediated environments. Yet, these provide little comfort, connection or solution for those without the means to engage in them. New perspectives and narratives blending both contemporary technologies such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality and the culture of storytelling and collective sharing hope to challenge how these spaces can be developed and encourage local relevance. Expect soundscapes along the harbourfront, exhibitions that exist entirely in virtual reality, QR codes redesigned to be art pieces in themselves, short films, a multimedia installation presenting new concepts for low-cost housing. All events free and open to the public. From 15:00 - 22:00

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