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Cinemalliance 'Le Beau Monde' (Movies)
28 November 17, Alliance Française du Cap‎

LE BEAU MONDE (2014) Directed by Julie Lopes-Curval with Ana Girardot, Bastien Bouillon, Baptiste Lecaplain French-speaking film with English subtitles (English title: 'High Society') Alice, a twenty-year-old girl of modest origin, lives in Bayeux, a small town in Normandy. She has an unambitious boyfriend and works as a salesgirl in a bakery. She also spins wool, creates dyes, makes clothes... Alice does not know what to do with this innate talent, until she meets Agnès, a rich Parisian woman, who helps her join a prestigious school of Applied Arts in Paris. Alice leaves everything behind to go to Paris. There, she meets Antoine, Agnès' son, a sensitive young man revolted against his mother and his bourgeois milieu. Between them a passionate love grows. Antoine finds a refreshing sincerity and naivety in Alice that are lacking in his world. Alice, thanks to Antoine, discovers a fascinating world from the inside, that of 'high society'. He brings her culture; she gives herself to him. At the risk of losing herself... FREE ENTRANCE || Cash Bar || 18h00 for 18h30 Genre: Drama, Romance || Duration: 1h35min Starts at 18:00

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