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The Music of Grant McLachlan (Classic / Orchestral)
01 October 16, Baxter Theatre Centre / Concert Hall

Grant McLachlan is an award-winning composer of music for film and documentaries, and is well-known amongst choral circles for the Christmas carol 'Come, Colours Rise', and for the soundtracks of 'City Slickers', 'The Jammed', and 'Faith Like Potatoes'. The concert celebrates forty years of music by Grant McLachlan, performed by several of Cape Town's best known musicians, including Leon Bosch, Peter Martens, Suzanne Martens, Karin Gaertner, Albie van Schalkwyk, Barbara Kennedy, Tertia Visser-Downie, Cheryl de Havilland, Bridget Salonen, Lucia Di Blasio Scott, and the Herschel Chorale, trained by Margie Barlow.

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