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Adjusting to life after Up the Creek
09 Feb 17
There’s always a period of readjustment when returning from a festival. As you sit under the cold fluorescent lights of a fast-food café, you realise that the guy across the counter is unlikely to want to chat. Opening bleary eyes after your first nap in a real bed, you’re forced to quash the urge to run down to the river for a wake-up swim. Morning beers are no longer part of your life. It’s a period of confused alignment with the harsh realities of the real world.
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Endless Daze: Magic, music and mayhem
16 Nov 16
It’s rare to be able to attend a festival’s virgin performance, to watch it sprout like a mushroom at midnight. But a privileged few of us were lucky enough to witness the first incarnation of Endless Daze. The brand new psych rock festival emerged from the earth as a beautiful beast, shrouded in plumes of purple smoke.
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Negotiating the masses at Rocking the Daisies
12 Oct 16
I haven’t been to Daisies in ages – 5 years, I think, since I last ventured into the temporary slice of music and mayhem. So imagine my delight when Sedgwick’s Old Brown, one of this year’s sponsors, popped me a casual mail to see if I was keen to attend as their guest. “Yes!” I hurriedly replied, calling a mate of mine whose birthday fell on the self-same Saturday, and before I knew it we were on our way.
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Happy music and blonde dreads at the Grassy Spark album launch
22 Sep 16
Last weekend I made the pilgrimage to the Cape Farmhouse to watch Grassy Spark launch their new album, Portal. It was a cresting wave of sunshine, positivity and happiness, feeling like a magical space carved out especially for this one event – I half suspect it disappeared as the last car left the lot.
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Feature: Oh, Cruel Fate
08 Sep 16
Somewhere in the mother city, a talented collective is creating and recreating a tapestry of light and sound, birthing the infant of what could become the most immersive live show since Pink Floyd brought the wall down. Their name is Oh, Cruel Fate, a plaintive and sardonic cry to the heavens. I sat down with them in their mystery mansion to talk music, lights, and toe shoes.
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Album review: Grassy Spark – Portal
18 Aug 16
With flowing harmonies and brass a-blowing, Grassy Spark delivers an energetic punch of upbeat ska-rock in their new album, Portal. It’s perfectly put together and clean as a whistle, and it’ll slap a smile on your face every time you hear one of the 11 powerhouse tracks.
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EP review: OBie Mavuso – Cosmic Fire
04 Aug 16
OBie Mavuso has distilled a unique sound and packed it into a slender three track EP - Cosmic Fire. It’s an eclectic mix of house, hip hop, electronica and soul, and we can only hope and pray that it’s but a taster of the full-length album to come.
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Album review: Buli – Lone in Feels
28 Jul 16
Buli produces electronica of the warm and caressing variety. His LP, Lone in Feels, is an exploration of mid-city melancholy in the form of round tones and hip hop beats in slow motion. With a probing mind and gentle heart, he has rediscovered a lost world within himself, translated it into sonic waves and given it to us for thoughtful consumption.
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Album review: Well Done Sun – We Have Time
15 Jul 16
Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve frequently felt that Cape Town has been a little light on happy music. I mean ‘campfires, forests and soft drugs’ happy, not ‘drink tequila in a white t-shirt’ happy – we’ve got more than enough of those. Luckily for those who like to sit cross-legged, Well Done Sun are all set to fill the niche with a music made of calming chords, uplifting beats and open smiles, all captured beautifully on their debut album, We Have Time.
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Album review: Dangerfields – Embers
07 Jul 16
I’ve never really been able to figure out what post-punk is. It seems to be more of an attitude than a genre, a bit more “let’s see where this goes” than an idea sketched and planned before it’s made flesh. Well, you can definitely hear the musical wanderlust in Dangerfield’s debut EP, Embers. The self-described ‘post-punk / shoegaze’ four-piece are galactic hitchhikers, gliding straight into the middle of the Cape Town music scene.
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