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The Play that Goes Wrong
13 May 17
Prior to yesterday, I’d never previously been to the Theatre on the Bay in Camps Bay. It’s a beautiful space, with a lovely bar and a cozy theatre. Despite it being a Monday night, I was surprised to find the theatre completely packed.
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A Contemporary Evening
08 May 17
On Sunday, a screening of The Bolshoi Ballet in action took place as part of the 2017 Fugard Bioscope World Arts Cinema Season. It felt rather odd attending an event called ‘A Contemporary Evening’ at 11:00am. However, whilst the theatre was by no means full, there was a bigger turn-out than I had expected. I was slightly concerned that watching a film of ballet for two hours and forty minutes would be considerably less riveting than seeing it live. However, I was pleasantly surprised.
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Boy Ntulikazi
08 May 17
‘Boy Ntulikazi’, written by Thobani Nzuza and Kagiso Tsimakwane, was the 2017 Baxter Best of Zabalaza Theatre Festival winner. Nzuza is the sole actor, accompanied by able guitarist Nhlanhla Zondi. The play is a powerful narrative about a boy who knows nothing about his heritage and background, except that he was born in July (the meaning of ‘Ntulikazi’ in Xhosa).
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Cold Case: Revisiting Dulcie September
26 Apr 17
Last night I went to see ‘Cold Case: Revisiting Dulcie September’ at the Alexander Bar Theatre. It’s usually a packed venue, although I’ve noticed that the more popular shows tend to be those of a more frivolous nature. We all like to switch off, of course; but the relatively empty theatre was a great shame, given that the play won both the Standard Bank Ovation Award 2014, and the Adelaide Tambo Humanitarian Award 2014.
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3 Tons of Fun
24 Apr 17
I was tipped off that 3 Tons of Fun were exactly that, and so I was looking forward to reviewing the show at the Alexander Bar on Friday night.
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20 Apr 17
This production of Molière’s classic social satire Tartuffe by the Fortune Cookie Theatre Company is a coup.
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Lear’s Fool
12 Apr 17
It was a shame that the Alexander Bar Theatre was so empty last night, as ‘Lear’s Fool’, directed by Wynne Bredenkamp, was very well done. It’s a one-man show featuring Jeroen Kranenburg, based on William Shakespeare’s King Lear, which I had the pleasure of studying at High School. It’s a tragedy of the most tragic kind, and neither easy reading nor watching.
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Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
11 Apr 17
To my shame, I hadn’t previously seen either the Oscar-winning film on which the musical ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ is based, or indeed the iconic musical in the London’s West End when I lived there. All I knew was that it featured drag queens, had a cult following, and audience members commonly arrived in fancy dress.
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Single Minded
05 Apr 17
Apparently the comedy sketch show ‘Single Minded’, currently playing at the Alexander Bar, was preceded by a cult-hit by the same writer and director (Jon Keevy) called ‘Dirty Words’. I’m told the humour is similar. It’s a two person performance, and both Kiroshan Naidoo and Kathleen Stephens are superb.
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The Long Shots Improv Comedy
05 Apr 17
For four nights, The Long Shots will perform improvisation comedy at the Alexander Bar. The troupe consists of a couple of English guys, an American woman, and a bunch of Saffers who’ve performed together since 2011 (consisting of Tamith Hattingh, Pags Bantwana, Eva Gilliam, Mark Penwill, Andre Ballot, Justine Buekes, Steve Larter, and Rob Coutts). It’s a big group for improv, but it works quite well – although inevitably some of the performers gel better than others.
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