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Learís Fool
12 Apr 17
It was a shame that the Alexander Bar Theatre was so empty last night, as ĎLearís Foolí, directed by Wynne Bredenkamp, was very well done. Itís a one-man show featuring Jeroen Kranenburg, based on William Shakespeareís King Lear, which I had the pleasure of studying at High School. Itís a tragedy of the most tragic kind, and neither easy reading nor watching.
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Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
11 Apr 17
To my shame, I hadnít previously seen either the Oscar-winning film on which the musical ĎPriscilla, Queen of the Desertí is based, or indeed the iconic musical in the Londonís West End when I lived there. All I knew was that it featured drag queens, had a cult following, and audience members commonly arrived in fancy dress.
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Single Minded
05 Apr 17
Apparently the comedy sketch show ĎSingle Mindedí, currently playing at the Alexander Bar, was preceded by a cult-hit by the same writer and director (Jon Keevy) called ĎDirty Wordsí. Iím told the humour is similar. Itís a two person performance, and both Kiroshan Naidoo and Kathleen Stephens are superb.
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The Long Shots Improv Comedy
05 Apr 17
For four nights, The Long Shots will perform improvisation comedy at the Alexander Bar. The troupe consists of a couple of English guys, an American woman, and a bunch of Saffers whoíve performed together since 2011 (consisting of Tamith Hattingh, Pags Bantwana, Eva Gilliam, Mark Penwill, Andre Ballot, Justine Buekes, Steve Larter, and Rob Coutts). Itís a big group for improv, but it works quite well Ė although inevitably some of the performers gel better than others.
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Chapter 2 Section 9
07 Mar 17
Chapter 2 Section 9 premiered at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in 2016, winning an Ovation Award. Racism is a common theme in South African theatre, the legacy of apartheid still raw and throbbing. However, this play looks at another aspect of hatred.
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Cathy and the Trolley Dollies
14 Feb 17
Cathy and the Trolley Dollies isnít a show Ė itís an entire aviation-themed sensory experience. I hadnít heard of the newly renovated Gate 69 theatre and bar on Bree Street until my review, but Iíll certainly be back.
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Bad Jews
28 Dec 16
Bad Jews was a smash hit in the West End, and this production at the Fugard Theatre, directed by Greg Karvellas, is a must-see. The play contemplates culture, religion, legacy and the meaning of life and love Ė but with a comic tint.
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Luxury Train Travel with Premier Classe
21 Nov 16
Affordable and Luxury seem like opposite ends of the spectrum. But why choose one or the other when you can have both on this epic train journey.
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Zestly - Premium Themed Gifts For Every Occasion
24 Oct 16
Zestly was started by couple Gino Martini and Tamlyn van Rensburg. Entrepreneurís with a growing love for food and discovering new tastes. Both having day jobs at the time, Tamlyn, started selling sourced gourmet products to family and close friends. Gino encouraged her to turn the love of sharing foods and snacks into a business by selling to more than just family and friends, this is when their journey started.
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#LiveBetter with Capitec Bank and Color Run this coming weekend
04 Oct 16
Capitec invites young people of all ages to join in the #LiveBetter experience this weekend at the Worldís Happiest 5K, The Color Run Durban.
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