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3 Tons of Fun
24 Apr 17
I was tipped off that 3 Tons of Fun were exactly that, and so I was looking forward to reviewing the show at the Alexander Bar on Friday night.
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20 Apr 17
This production of Molière’s classic social satire Tartuffe by the Fortune Cookie Theatre Company is a coup.
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Lear’s Fool
12 Apr 17
It was a shame that the Alexander Bar Theatre was so empty last night, as ‘Lear’s Fool’, directed by Wynne Bredenkamp, was very well done. It’s a one-man show featuring Jeroen Kranenburg, based on William Shakespeare’s King Lear, which I had the pleasure of studying at High School. It’s a tragedy of the most tragic kind, and neither easy reading nor watching.
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Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
11 Apr 17
To my shame, I hadn’t previously seen either the Oscar-winning film on which the musical ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ is based, or indeed the iconic musical in the London’s West End when I lived there. All I knew was that it featured drag queens, had a cult following, and audience members commonly arrived in fancy dress.
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The Long Shots Improv Comedy
05 Apr 17
For four nights, The Long Shots will perform improvisation comedy at the Alexander Bar. The troupe consists of a couple of English guys, an American woman, and a bunch of Saffers who’ve performed together since 2011 (consisting of Tamith Hattingh, Pags Bantwana, Eva Gilliam, Mark Penwill, Andre Ballot, Justine Buekes, Steve Larter, and Rob Coutts). It’s a big group for improv, but it works quite well – although inevitably some of the performers gel better than others.
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Single Minded
05 Apr 17
Apparently the comedy sketch show ‘Single Minded’, currently playing at the Alexander Bar, was preceded by a cult-hit by the same writer and director (Jon Keevy) called ‘Dirty Words’. I’m told the humour is similar. It’s a two person performance, and both Kiroshan Naidoo and Kathleen Stephens are superb.
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The Real Dirt
31 Mar 17
‘The Real Dirt’ is a one-man show at the Alexander Bar Theatre all this week. Lebogang Mogashoa, based in Johannesburg, writes for both TV and theatre. The show is essentially a potted autobiography, interspersed with cups of tea and some self-indulgent snatched music (the meaningful songs of his life – such as Aretha Franklin and a blast of K-pop).
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‘The Triple M Mammmas Kurk About AzaNya!’
31 Mar 17
The Triple M Mammmas Kurk About AzaNya! is a sketch comedy show at the Alexander Bar, written and performed by the award-winning comedy troupe THENX.
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Kafka’s Ape
21 Mar 17
I hadn’t realised that the play ‘Kafka’s Ape’, currently showing at the Alexander Bar, was in fact an adaptation of a short story by Franz Kafka called ‘A Report To An Academy’. The production, adapted and directed by Phala O. Phala, won a Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival in 2015. Theatre at the Alexander is rarely mainstream and always a surprise. This play was no exception. Tony Bonani Miyambo plays an ape, Red Peter, captured on a hunt in West Africa. It finds itself crammed into a small cage on a ship. Years later, the ape gives a speech to an academy - to us, the audience - about his experiences and his ‘evolution’ into an almost-human.
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