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King Kong
27 Dec 17
I avoided "King Kong" at the Fugard Theatre earlier this year due to my ill-informed, foreign assumption that it was a musical production of the American monster film. However, upon discovering my ignorance, I was delighted to find the iconic South African musical returning for another run.
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The Nutcracker
21 Dec 17
Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" is showing at the ARTSCAPE again, and despite having seen it there previously, I just had to return.
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UB40’s 25th SA anniversary tour ft. Ali, Astro & Mickey
18 Dec 17
Big Concerts has confirmed today that UB40 will be returning in support of their 25th SA anniversary tour. They will be performing in Cape Town on 15th May 2018 at the Grand Arena, GrandWest, Durban on 17th May at the Durban ICC and Pretoria on 19th May at the Sun Arena, Time Square.
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Fame - The Musical
18 Dec 17
To be honest, I'm not really a fan of musicals. So when invited to review a youth production of "Fame: The Musical" (directed by Yvonne Copley), I was less than enthusiastic. However, on a brisk Sunday afternoon yesterday, I found myself at the Masque Theatre in Muisenberg for the first time.
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14 Dec 17
Directed by Jade Bowers and written by Penelope Youngleson, Black at the Alexander Bar forms part of POPUpstairs 2017, facilitating production exchange between Johannesburg and Cape Town.
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OMG Quiz Night at the Alexander Bar
23 Nov 17
I'm not a fount of general knowledge. In fact, for a well-travelled lawyer, I'm usually quite embarrassed by my lack of it. I recall attending a quiz night or two when working in Rwanda which was full of smart over-achieving ex-pats. Our team won, but I was relieved to answer just one question all night. So it was with a vague sense of impending doom that I made my way to the Alexander Bar for its weekly OMG Quiz Night yesterday.
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Flying Bantu
22 Nov 17
Last night the band Flying Bantu were at the Alexander Bar.
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The Fall
19 Jun 17
Having missed the original production of the ‘The Fall’ which won the 2017 Fleur du Cap Special Encore Award, I was delighted it was returning for a short run at the Baxter. The play is a consideration of the recent student protests which ululated across South Africa in 2015 and 2016.
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Bryan Miles: Live
14 Jun 17
The Alexander Bar is a beautifully intimate theatre which is absolutely perfect for a spot of magic. Magic? Who doesnÂ’t like it?
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