The Litchi Orchard
The Litchi Orchard is wholly family-owned and run. As a farming family, we aim to use our cherished little corner of the world to celebrate food and a back-to-basics approach to life.

Our vision at The Litchi Orchard is to create a place where people can enjoy and learn about the simple things in life. It's a meeting point, a place of authenticity and a place to take some time out in a relaxed environment.

Essentially, we are striving to create a melting pot of good food, culture, community and creativity; with an emphasis on the outdoors and food which is fresh, local and sustainably produced!


Litchi Orchard Night Market
30 Mar

Litchi Orchard Farmer's Market
14 Apr

Litchi Orchard Night Market
27 Apr

Litchi Orchard Farmer's Market
12 May

Litchi Orchard Night Market
25 May

The Litchi Orchard

p: 032 525 5118

Seaforth Road (off Basil Hullet Drive)

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