Aasvoel Klub
The Vulture Club was started to provide a platform for poets, musicians and storytellers initially amateur and later professional and amateur to display their talents in front of an audience. The name Vulture was not so much based on culture as it was inspired by two snobby ladies with harpoon shaped noses that resembled vultures at a funky poetry reading which did not appeal to their search for an eloquent Wordsworth.

Anyway all are welcome to attend and can partake by prior arrangement or if the mood is ok for an open mike, especially in the case of poetry and storytelling. Penniless artists, millionaires, snobs, young (above 18) and old attend the events and there is an inasiatable hunger for real live events that happen at the club. Inexpensive but tasty 'boerekos', farm cooking is served and there is a cash bar.
Aasvoel Klub

p: 084 559 8991
e: vultureclubevents@gmail.com
w: www.vulture-aasvoelclub.com

Off the N8
Near the N8 and A179 intersection
Outside Bloemfontein

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