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Alma Café
The Alma Café is a homely little place where good food, good music and good people reign supreme.

Alma Café is over 100 years old and is hidden on a quiet street (Alma Road) in Rosebank. It's a wonderful place (similar to the Majestic cafe in Muizenberg) where you feel like you've gone back in time - when intimate small corner cafes were the norm and supermarkets were the exception.

One gets the feeling that Cafe owner/musician Richard Tait has set up a stage for musicians to play solely for the love of music. The compact venue has wonderful sound - a speaker at the back and a speaker at the front means that the audience really is in the middle of it all!


Hatchetman and The Hinds Brothers
Fri 03 October 14

Lionel Bastos and the Flying Lizards
Sat 04 October 14

Hatchetman and Rowan Stuart
Fri 10 October 14

Mel Botes
Sun 12 October 14

Brett Newski and Jon Shaban
Fri 17 October 14

Steve Fataar and Errol Dyers
Wed 12 November 14

Alma Café

p: 021 685 7377
e: dictait@rainbow.co.za

20 Alma Road

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