POP Art Centre
We are on a mission to create something great for performing arts in Jo'burg.

As “graduate” performers, we know how tough it is to find work and keep on working in the industry. We also know that when we focus on this aspect the fun gets sucked right out of it or we forget why we chose to get into this industry…

We are here to remind you of why we all got into this industry and get back to basics: We Love What We Do and We Do What We Love.

It's about chasing the dream! Making it happen, no matter what the physical, mental or emotional cost.

So what is POPArt about then, you ask?

POPArt is a place, and a movement, aimed at developing the infrastructure for performing arts in Johannesburg. Our vision is to create a home, a space where performers can flex and hone skills, generate and develop ideas and network. While we offer a venue where everyone in the perfomring arts can rehearse and workshop, we offer a really intimate theatre space where we can do what we love: Perform!

Join the mission and the mailing list and help us make doing what we love possible.

This venue is part of Maboneng Precinct


Books & Boxes
17-20 May

Three Sisters
24-27 May

Serurubele : The Storytellers Series : Slam Edition
29 May

31 May - 3 Jun

POP Art Centre

p: 083 245 1040
e: popartjhb@gmail.com
w: www.popartcentre.co.za

286 Fox St, Johannesburg, 2094

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