Baxter Theatre Centre
The Baxter Theatre Centre provides an exciting forum for the celebration of life which is the essence of live theatre, music and dance.

It is one of the major live theatre venues in Cape Town and has always been at the forefront of the performing arts both as a popular venue and as a leading producer.

The Baxter Theatre Centre at the University of Cape Town endeavours to present and host the best of South African performing arts. The objective is to reflect the cultures of all the people of South Africa on our stages and in our foyers and galleries.

Santa Gamka    (Performance)    Mon 1 - Sat 20 February
The Mousai Group    (Classic / Orchestral)    Wed 10 February
I Am Music    (Music )    Sat 13 February
Adagio For A Hacked Life    (Dance)    Wed 17 - Sat 27 February
Jack Liebeck + Amandine Savory    (Classic / Orchestral)    Sat 20 February
I Came, I Taught, I Left    (Comedy)    Mon 22 February - Sat 5 March
A Doll's House    (Performance)    Tue 15 - Thu 24 March
Tagg-Petersen Duo - Where Worlds Collide    (Jazz / Blues)    Fri 18 March
Fleur Du Cap Theatre Awards    (Arts & Culture)    Sun 20 March
The Power Struggle    (Comedy)    Tue 29 March - Sat 16 April
The Shakespeare Schools Festival    (Performance)    Mon 18 - Thu 21 April
Unchained    (Dance)    Tue 26 - Sat 30 April
Burn the Floor - Fire in The Ballroom    (Dance)    Thu 19 May - Sun 5 June
Schalk Bezuidenhout - Second Language    (Comedy)    Thu 2 - Sat 4 June
The Jive Cape Town Funny Festival    (Comedy)    Mon 11 July - Sun 7 August
The Magic Flute    (Classic / Orchestral)    Tue 27 September - Sat 1 October
Schalk Bezuidenhout - Second Language    (Comedy)    Fri 21 - Sat 22 October

Amanda Forsyth - Cello Recital    (Music )    Sat 19 March
Ammiel Bushakevitz - Piano Recital    (Music )    Sat 16 April
Juritz Beethoven String Quartets    (Music )    Sat 21 May
Kristof Barati Matinee Recital    (Music )    Sat 11 June
Defending the Caveman    (Arts & Culture)    Tue 14 - Sat 25 June

Baxter Theatre Centre

p: 021 685 7880

Baxter Theatre Centre
Main Road

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