Walkerville Farmers Market
Organic and fresh produce markets strive towards wholeness and goodness. Products at such markets tend to be of a higher quality and there are an abundance of hand-crafted goods. The food is fresh, some organic, and by far a lot tastier!

The objective is to establish a permanent outlet for fresh farm produce - vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs, chickens, eggs and honey - produced by the greater Walkerville residents, as well as farmers from surrounding areas. This is to be coupled with home-crafted products, antiques, leatherwork, woodwork, jewelry, candle-ware, glassware and other exciting merchandise. Craft beer, Fresh Produce, WFPN-Farm fresh local produce, Arts and Crafts, Woodworking, Jewelry, Plants and seedlings, Biltong and Fresh Meats, Cleaning solutions, Fire safety and equipment, Bokashi, Biscuits and Rusks, Fire wood, Roasted nuts, Honey and Jams, Crochet work with lessons, large variety of Cheeses, Olives and Pasta, Breakfasts, Oriental food, Pizza and Coffee shop.

Kids entertainment and a relaxing environment with a great vibe, come and spend your Saturday at the Walkerville Farmer's Market and browse the stalls, have an ice cold Craft beer while the kids are entertained!

Dog friendly too!
Walkerville Farmers Market

p: 079 076 7680
e: info@wfmarket.co.za
w: www.wfmarket.co.za

112 R82, Walkerville, De Deur, 1961, South Africa

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