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Elizaveta Rukavishnikov: Code Request

Kalashnikovv Gallery
Fri 7 - Fri 21 December
The exhibition opens at 18:30
Free Entrance
Kalashnikovv Gallery presents the second solo exhibition for Elizaveta Rukavishnikova, opening at 6:30 PM on First Thursdays.

The works of Elizaveta Rukavishnikova made for “Code Request", transport the viewer into a world beyond the present. They are at once charming, perplexing and very idiosyncratic. Incorporating texts as a means to narrate an image (some texts intelligible through recognizable letter types and others less so through languages and pictograms that we as viewers do not know but can somehow instinctively feel), she weaves tapestries of images that are bold, innovative and incredibly fresh.

There are references to popular culture and contemporary social images that appear alongside almost historical references from her native Russian culture, pop art-like images as would be found in comic books around space travel and fantastic worlds.
With an enormous body of works on scrolls of wallpaper, paintings on satellite dishes adorned with beads and abacus like beaded tapestries that become sculptural, Rukavishnikova transports us to another time and place with a voice that is truly unique.

One would have to go a long way to find a body of work that has this level of uniqueness and obsession. In addition to the use of pictogramic language and syfers, she has utilised blue ink and blue paint (an almost Yves Klein blue) so effectively as to master it and make it a signature of her style. Her dedication and obsessiveness over the last year (often working through nights on end) results in a fantastical show of sheer delight.

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