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Vodacom Kids Lab Learn to Code 1

Vodacom World
Thu 7 February - Thu 7 March
From 15:00 - 17:00
R320 - R1,600

Grade 6 - 9 Extra Mural Programme

Learn a new coding language, Swift. Come and learn how to write real Swift Code, the programming language developed by Apple and used to create the apps we love on the Apple App Store.

15:00 - 17:00


Individual sessions: R320.00
Term 1 bundle: Includes access to all the above extra mural programmes as well as 2 free April Holiday camps: R1600.00.



Session 1: Commands & Sequences

Commands and Sequences are the starting blocks of learning to code. Give a command, and get a result. Learn how to write real Swift Comamnds & Sequences

14 FEBRUARY 2019

Session 2: Debugging

Ever wondered where the term ‘Debugging’ came from? Come and learn the history of Debugging as well as how to spot the errors within your code.

21 FEBRUARY 2019

Session 3: Functions & a bit if Loops

What is your favorite dance move? Would you believe that your favorite dance move is a Function? In this session we will learn more about Functions and dabble with a bit of Loops.


28 FEBRUARY 2019

Session 4: Conditional Code

Katy Perry once sang, ’Cause you're hot then you're cold, You’re yes then you're no’ - bet you didn’t know that it is a good way to explain conditional code? Come and master the chaos randomly altered puzzles as we learn more about conditional code.



19 FEBRUARY 2019 Session 1: Long Jump with Sphero

Come and put into practice what you have learned with LEARN TO CODE 1 with Sphero Robotics and learn how to programme Sphero to speed up and ramp off into sand. In this session we will be exploring Speed, Distance & time.

7 MARCH 2019 Session 2: Angles & Fractions with Sphero Robotics

Come and put into practice what you have learned with LEARN TO CODE 1 with Sphero Robotics and learn how to programme Angles & Fractions using JavaScript block based code

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