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Odd Man Out

Auto & General Theatre on the Square
Tue 30 April - Sat 25 May
Show times:
Tuesday - Friday: 20:15
Saturday: 17:45 & 20:15
Starring well-known actors Daniel Janks, Ashleigh Harvey, Russ Savadier and Michelle Levine.

Odd Man Out is a new comedy by Australia's most prolific playwright David Williamson.

Alice and Ryan meet on a bus, and are quickly drawn to each other. They have little in common, except for a shared desperation to become coupled up. Alice is sensitive about her biological clock running out of time, and Ryan is fearful of loneliness. They work hard to create a union, and in Odd Man Out, it seems tough grind is the key to success. Alice marries the straight-talking Ryan, but soon discovers that he has Asperger's.

Described as an unconventional romantic comedy, The main theme is a couple dealing with the fact that one is naturally socially adept and one isn't quite so good at that - and that`s where a lot of the comedy comes from. It`s a touchy subject for a light comedy but Williamson makes the most of things - packing the evening with plenty of laughs. If you want to see this brilliantly written and presented production, book soon!
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