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Oh Baby, Im a Wild One

22nd December 16

Laura Davidson

Oh Baby, Im a Wild One, currently at the Alexander Bar, is a new play by multiple award-winning playwright Louis Viljoen (who is currently the Writer In Residence for The Fugard Theatre).
This is a one-woman show, and as the actress enters in what looks like a cocktail dress, eyes focused on the bottle of wine and cigarettes teasing her from the table, we know it is inevitable that she will succumb eventually.  The metaphor of the consuming power of cigarettes – you have them, but they will have you – is an ongoing refrain throughout the piece.  Every experience human beings have will have consequences.  Passion begets passion, begets…mainly hurt.  The protagonist’s hard exterior does not result from jealousy of her sister as one might think, but rather years of seeking to be adjudged a worthy creator of her own destiny.
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