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Locnville drops a new single: Baloo

19th October 18

MTV-EMA winning twins, Andrew & Brian Chaplin, aka Locnville are back with their latest single "Baloo".

Inspired by the Jungle Book (don’t let that fool you), Baloo is a logical progression from the electro-hop of their previous Gold certified single ‘Cold Shoulder’ and features a sax hook that is as infectious as the ‘bare necessities’.

Brian says ‘Baloo, for me, is some of the most fun I’ve had while making a song’. ‘The whole track came together so naturally, because we weren’t thinking too much about it, we just let the song write. Andrew adds – ‘when we were making the beat for this track, we just saved the session file as Baloo because the horn part reminded us of bears scratching their backs on trees and all that. Once I had that in my head I just couldn’t get it out and the name just stuck.’ Obviously since Baloo is a bear, the whole roll out just went from there.’ ‘To me, it was such a great place to start – it made sense for the artwork and the music video as well as the whole release strategy.’ ‘The track has a very nostalgic feel to me and speaks a lot about growing up and having your priorities and perspectives challenged.’

Brian goes on, ‘lyrically the song is quite reminiscent and reflective and highlights that sometimes things don’t always pan out as we’d originally thought, and we may not feel the same way about certain things, but that is part of the journey and I believe we’ve really put that across nicely in the track.’ ‘We really had fun making this and I think everyone is going to have a lot of fun listening to it.’ Andrew echo’s this ‘I’m excited as hell to see what people think, I love it and I think a lot of people will too’.

‘Baloo’ is the first release in a double salvo, with ‘Lemon Moon’ coming on November 2nd. Video’s for each track will go live on the 26th October and 9th November respectively.
Baloo is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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